Benjamin Ink is a company committed to creating products that give voice to expressions of hope. 

We live between exile and belonging. In so far as we do not recognize that we all belong to each other then we are forcing others to live in exile. Benjamin Ink is committed to the idea of building community and a sense of belonging. We believe that we not only belong to each other as human beings but that we also belong to the earth that gives us life.  


Hope and belonging are what we need for our own survival, something we create and nurture. Art. Literature. Music. Books. What we read. What we hang on our walls. The clothes we wear. A new generation will give us back our hope.

Benjamin Ink: Products for a new generation.  Wear the change you want to be. 


Benjamin Ink operates as a team—and as a team we shape the way the company operates and decide on the final products we put on the market that best represents our ideals. We wish to create products that send a message but are also original and appealing. While it is true that we are selling products, what we are really selling are ideas, ideas that remind us that we can do better both as individuals and as active citizens in our society.

To put it more concisely, we seek to humanize capitalism both in the products that we make and the initiatives we uphold. The money that we make will be shared with non-profits who work towards our shared dream of building a human community that respects the dignity of all.

In keeping with our sense purpose, we absolutely respect the work of the people who are part of Benjamin Ink. Everyone deserves to share in the profits of the company whose success depends on their labor.